Tips For Running A Successful Dental Office

Please keep doing what you are doing if your dental office already does some or all of these things. If not, I’m convinced that most dental patients would appreciate it if you did these things!

1) Your patients probably want to use the Keurig machine to make a good cup of coffee while waiting, just as much as you do. Patients waiting can enjoy a cup of coffee, or they can grab one to take when they leave; either way, it’s a nice touch.

2) Most people don’t like going to the dentist and find any sort of distraction welcome while they are sitting waiting. So get rid of all those annoying and out of date magazines and have something interesting, fun, and entertaining to read, even if it is all about knowing what the Kardashians are doing next.

3) If you’re anything like me, you don’t like taking time off from work and then wasting it sitting waiting in the dental office. Call your patients to give them a heads up if you’re running late, so they don’t spend their valuable spare time in your waiting room.

4) The tone for the entire visit can be established by the attitude and professionalism of the front office staff. Everybody in your office should be pleasant, patent and friendly and if you think that’s the case in your office, you may want to check to be sure.

5) On a similar theme, keep in mind that your staff can’t be expected to be mind readers. Be patient and friendly with your hard working staff. Needless to say, if you are impatient or short with them, your patients will notice, and it doesn’t exactly create that all important first impression.

6) And your patients expect you to be friendly, patient and professional too, meaning that a warm and inviting bedside (or chairside) manner is appropriate and appreciated by your patients who probably don’t want to be there in the first place.

7) It’s no secret that many people not only dislike going to the dentist but are downright afraid of going. It can help to put your patients at their ease of you take the trouble to explain clearly what you are doing or what will happen next.

8) Be professional and only recommend the treatment that your patients need; don’t be tempted to try to make money off them by suggesting products and services they don’t want or need. Yes, of course, you’re in business, and your focus is to make money, but that focus shouldn’t be entirely on seeing your customers as a source of revenue.

9) Remember the importance of customer service! It costs nothing and takes just a few minutes to make a follow-up call to your patients. Most of them appreciate that, especially if they haven’t had a good day at the dental office, and being a dentist who follows up with your patients can help persuade them to come back again.

10) Although you shouldn’t be cocky, you should be confident and of course, your patients, especially the nervous ones, feel a lot better if they can see you know exactly what you are doing. But always refer patients to another dentist if it’s not your area of expertise or they need a specialist.